Commercial Gas

Commercial Gas

Having a problem with your own gas boiler can be troublesome enough, let alone on a greater scale in a commercial property. At Evenheat we undertake and expertly complete all aspects of non-domestic gas installation, from plant rooms to commercial kitchen gas supplies. Whatever the job, we will accomplish it with due diligence, caution and the proficiency it requires.

Our Work
Our range of pipework installations cover copper, screwed or welded steel and stainless steel crimped fittings. As a rule of thumb we work with gas pipes of up to 100mm diameter, U100 gas meter and with a maximum flow-rate up to 100m3.

Gas Interlock System

If you are having a commercial kitchen fitted in a pub, restaurant, bar or hotel you will need a gas interlock system. These systems are designed to cut off the flow of gas in the event of kitchen extract fan failure, this helps to prevent spread of flames through the ventilation system, should a fire break out.

Gas Safe Commercial Qualifications
When it comes to finding the right team of engineers to take on a gas work job, it is often not the case to simply choose the first business you come across. Even if they are Gas Safe registered, there are different types of gas work an engineer can offer depending on the ID card they are granted.

Our engineers hold the commercial ID Gas Safe Register card, meaning they have passed general and core gas safety qualifications, as well as successfully expanding onto more complex commercial level tests.

Whether it’s plant rooms or commercial kitchens, we have the man power, qualifications and experience to execute the job on time, in budget and to an exceptionally high standard.