Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating

Are you in need of a large scale heating system for a commercial property? We supply and install robust, high-calibre heating systems designed and built to your exact specifications.

Our extensive heating systems are ideal for pubs, restaurants, office blocks, hospitals, schools – in summary, any large building requiring a bespoke heating system.

What Do We Use?
Pegler Yorkshire Xpress
When it comes to substantial commercial heating projects we understand getting the job done, and under the right legal specifications, can sometimes be tricky. At Evenheat we do what we can to remove as much health and safety risks as possible, such as routinely using the Pegler Yorkshire Xpress.

Yorkshire Xpress is an industry leading press-fit system that offers a comprehensive, quick and safe alternative to welding joint pipes. Meaning we can complete your job with non-hot pipework that allows for less risk, paperwork, tools and guarantee a quicker result.

Fan Coil Units
Fan coil units consist of a heating and cooling coil exchanger and fan; they are simple devices that are diverse and ideal for use in commercial properties. These units are controlled by either a manual on/off switch or a thermostat, which controls the throughput of water to the coil exchanger using a control valve or fan speed.

Chilled Water Distribution System
A chilled water system is used to cool a building’s air and is especially useful when the property contains numerous rooms needing to be controlled separately, such as a hotel or office block. These systems work by pumping cold water through an air handler, which captures heat and disperses the air throughout the area to be cooled.

Radiators are one the oldest and most effective ways of heating a property.  Water is heated to a desired temperature and pumped to the radiators. Our range of radiator installations go from steel panel convector radiators, decorative cast iron, free standing radiators to low-surface temperature radiators for use in schools, hospitals, care homes etc.

Whatever your heating needs, we have over 25 years’ experience perfecting the job and can help ensure the ideal temperature of your commercial property.

Underfloor Heating

We also supply and install John Guest under floor heating systems (UFH) to both solid and suspended wooden floors.